Perfect Bound Catalogs

Order perfect binding for your company's product catalog today.

Despite e-commerce, businesses in every industry still need affordable catalog printing.

Perfect bound catalogs are used by a wide variety of industries and businesses to showcase their products, services, and company information:

Retail and E-commerce:
Retailers, even in the e-commerce space, often produce perfect bound catalogs to showcase their product offerings. This includes industries like fashion, pro audio, electronics, home decor, gift baskets and more. Catalogs provide a tangible representation of the products, allowing customers to browse and make purchasing decisions at a comfortable pace wherever they are.

Furniture and Interior Design:
Design companies print perfect bound catalogs to promote their collections and highlight custom design options. Catalogs allow potential buyers to envision how different pieces can enhance their own living spaces.

Wholesale and Distribution:
While nearly all wholesalers and distributors have a website these days, they're still printing perfect bound catalogs to present their extensive range of products, too. In some cases, companies put more effort into printing product catalogs than designing a usable website! Printed catalogs provide an overview of available items, including detailed descriptions, pricing, and ordering information.

Perfect bound books printed on the spine

Print on the book spines with perfect binding.

Industrial and Technical Equipment:
Businesses in the manufacturing, machinery, and construction sectors print perfect bound catalogs to present their equipment and technical products. These catalogs typically provide specifications, technical data, and usage guidelines for potential buyers in these industries.

Educational Institutions:
Schools, colleges, and universities may use perfect bound catalogs as a means of showcasing their academic programs, campus facilities, extracurricular activities, and admission requirements. Prospective students and parents can refer to these catalogs for a comprehensive understanding of the educational institution. Many college admissions departments still print course catalogs, too.

Hospitality and Tourism:
Hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and tourism boards frequently produce perfect-bound catalogs to promote their services and amenities. These catalogs serve as informative guides, showcasing local accommodations, attractions, dining options, and travel packages.

Health and Beauty Products:
Companies in the health and beauty industries use perfect bound catalogs to present their range of products, such as skincare, cosmetics, wellness items, and nutritional supplements. Product catalogs can provide product details, usage instructions, and testimonials.

Businesses in other sectors may also find them beneficial for showcasing their offerings, especially if they have a comprehensive range of products or services to present.

Check out our Perfect Book Cover Tutorial for help designing your cover.

Perfect Bound Catalogs: How They're Made

Watch a short video on how we assemble perfect bound catalogs:

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Perfect Binding Margin

Binding Margin

To avoid compromising the spine / glue we recommend you have a minimum .50"-.75" binding margin depending on the number of pages in your catalog. If you have less margin than this, then you may need to press the book down (more flat) to see the contents of the page. Doing this can cause the spine / pages to come loose over time depending on how hard you press down.

If you are worried how the margins on your catalog will look, we recommend ordering a hard copy proof so you can see a physical copy and make any necessary changes before we print all of your catalogs.

Cover / Spine Setup

All perfect bound catalogs can have printed spines, but the number of pages in the catalog determines if you can have text printed on the spine. To see how thick your spine should be or if you can have text on it, visit our perfect book cover setup page.

Perfect Book Cover Tutorial

Page Numbers

If you have page numbers in your file and are printing double sided, it is recommended to have alternating page numbers so they stay on the outer edges of the catalog. If you have your page numbers all on the left or right side of your pages, then half of the page numbers will be in the gutter of the catalog making it hard to navigate. For a professional look when printing double sided, alternate the location of the page numbers.

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