Spiral Bound Catalogs

Spiral bound catalogs are perfect for companies with large product inventories.

Printing catalogs with spiral binding helps convert leads to orders.

Spiral bound catalogs are one of our most popular products. Spiral binding offers a durable and clean look, with the ability to bind more pages together then any other binding method. This is ideal for companies with a large product inventory who need to fit everything in one print volume.

Spiral binding product catalogs is great for businesses that require a flexible and functional format for their informational marketing materials. You'll find spiral bound catalogs in use by some of the top businesses across a variety of industries:

Stationery and Office Supplies Printed catalogs allow for easy flipping of pages and browsing through different product categories, making it convenient for customers to find and order the items they need.

Print and Promotional Products Businesses specializing in print services, promotional products, and marketing materials print spiral bound catalogs to showcase their offerings. Our own paper sample books are spiral bound. These catalogs can feature various printed products, such as business cards, flyers, brochures, banners, and promotional merchandise, allowing clients to explore design options and select appropriate materials for their marketing campaigns.

Art Supplies and Materials Suppliers of art materials, including paints, brushes, canvases, and other art supplies, may utilize spiral-bound catalogs. These catalogs can display product images, descriptions, and pricing, enabling artists and art enthusiasts to easily browse and select the materials they require.

Photography Equipment and Services Businesses that offer photography equipment, cameras, lenses, and related accessories may opt for spiral-bound catalogs. These catalogs can showcase different products, technical specifications, and pricing, helping professional photographers and enthusiasts make informed purchasing decisions.

Fashion and Apparel Clothing retailers, fashion brands, and apparel wholesalers often create spiral-bound catalogs to present their seasonal collections, clothing lines, and fashion accessories. Spiral binding allows for easy flipping between pages, making it convenient for buyers to view different styles, colors, and sizes.

Home Improvement and DIY Businesses in the home improvement and do-it-yourself (DIY) sectors may use spiral-bound catalogs to showcase their products and provide inspiration for home improvement projects. These catalogs can feature tools, building materials, paint options, flooring choices, and other relevant products, helping customers plan and execute their DIY projects.

Educational Materials and Curriculum Providers Companies that develop educational materials, textbooks, curriculum resources, and teaching aids often utilize spiral-bound catalogs. These catalogs can display different subjects, grade levels, and educational resources, making it easier for teachers, schools, and educational institutions to browse and select appropriate materials for their classrooms.

Training and Development Providers Training organizations and professional development providers may create spiral-bound catalogs to present their training programs, workshops, seminars, and certification courses. These catalogs can provide detailed information about course descriptions, schedules, instructor profiles, and registration procedures.

For added durability on small and large catalogs alike, add a heaver cover, clear cover and vinyl back, or both to get the most resilient and best looking product. To give your catalog that extra sense of professionalism, be sure to pick a spiral color that will match your covers.

Spiral Binding Catalogs: Watch the process in action.

Watch a short video on how we assemble spiral catalogs:

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Spiral Binding Margin

Binding Margin

For spiral bound catalogs, the binding will go into the page approximately .28". To make sure you don't have any content that goes into or is too close to the binding, we recommend at least a .5" binding margin. If you are worried how the margins on your catalog will look, we recommend ordering a hard copy proof first before we print all of your catalogs.

Page Numbers

If you have page numbers in your file and are printing double sided, it is recommended to have alternating page numbers so they stay on the outer edges of the catalog. If you have your page numbers all on the left or right side of your pages, then half of the page numbers will be in near the binding of the catalog making it hard to navigate. For a professional look when printing double sided, alternate the location of the page numbers.

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